Supply Chain 2024: If the hackers don’t get you, the regulations will!

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How to navigate regulations in your supply chain management and ensure you stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Securing your company’s supply chain is always at the top of any IT manager or CISO’s to-do list – if it isn’t, it should be! This subject will take on added significance in 2024 as European regulations begin to take hold.

How safe our world will be tomorrow depends on the choices we make today. Join your host Janne Kauhanen and his guests, as they talk you through the issues you’ll need to navigate in 2024 and how to ensure your business complies with all the new rules.

Our speakers

MIkko Hypponen

Antti Laatikainen

Principal Consultant, WithSecure

Antti is a seasoned cyber security professional with more than 20 years of experience on cyber, risk and management.  He helps client organizations ramp up their secure working culture and build their compliance programs.

Janne Kauhanen

Janne Kauhanen

Cyber Host & Account Director, WithSecure

For the last decade as a cyber translator Janne has been helping WithSecure consulting clients find solutions for their information security issues.

Tomi Tuominen

Juho Rikala

Group CISO, Kesko

Juho has worked in information technology and information management for more than 24 years, focusing on information security since 2016. He also has a wealth of experience in infrastructure services, applications and the development of end-user services.

He currently works as a Group CISO at Kesko, Finland’s biggest trading service operator. With more than 1800 stores across 7 countries under his remit, Juho’s expertise in the information management of international companies – from the data center technologies of the early 2000s to the migration of ICT functions to cloud services – is invaluable. 


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