Supply chain security is everyone’s responsibility

Let’s work together to build a stronger, safer ecosystem 


What the butterfly effect really means

Supply chain: The new perimeter
Supply chain security: it’s a team effort
Lessons from the butterfly effect
Remember SolarWinds?
Hear from the front line

Your supply chain can be defensive strength or a weakness. You decide.

This report explores the dynamics of the modern supply chain, including how we can work together to enhance cyber security practices and better understand how the effects of our actions evolve over time.

The report includes stories from industry leaders about securing the supply chain, as well as insight and recommendations from our experts.

It explains why:

  • Small mistakes or oversights can have serious consequences.
  • Modern supply chain networks demand increased vigilance, teamwork and collaboration.
  • Obvious threats may not be the real challenge.

Do you understand how risks can spread throughout your supply chain? In today’s hyper-connected world, the only real defense is collaboration. Transparency and teamwork will help protect you and your partners from cyber threats.  

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Don’t tread on a butterfly because you’re distracted by a tyrannosaurus rex!

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