Vulnerability management deep dive

Part 1: April 7th 2022
Part 2: April 20th 2022
12:00 - 16:00 UTC+3 Helsinki

Course Description

This course is a deep dive into the functionalities and use of WithSecure's Vulnerability Management. The course is heavily recommended for any Vulnerability Management administrator that needs to work with scans and their results or with setting up Vulnerability Management optimally.

The first part concentrates on an architectural deep dive, typical workflows in Vulnerability Management , and best practices with Discovery Scan. We will also start a deeper look into scanning in general, concentrating on agent based scans and scan node configuration. 

The second part continues with authenticated and non-authenticated network scans, web application scanning, and scan templates. We will discuss how to get the most out of scanning results, remediation, and asset management. We will conclude the day with troubleshooting best practices and a look into upcoming features in Vulnerability Management. 

The two lectures of the course are intended to provide a comprehensive deep dive into Vulnerability Management, and work best if you can attend both lectures. However, if you cannot join one of them, both will be available in WithSecure Academy as recordings (if you are unable to join for the first one, we heavily recommend watching it before the second one). However, to benefit from the interactivity of the lectures, joining them is very much encouraged. 

Attending both lectures of the course either via the events or through WithSecure Academy will provide you with an Vulnerability Management Advanced Training certificate. 


  • Lecture 1: April 7th 2022 Vulnerability Management Deep Dive 1/2: Architecture, Workflows, Discovery Scans, Agent Based Scans, Scan Node Configuration
  • Lecture 2: April 20th 2022 Vulnerability Management Deep Dive 2/2: Network Scans, Web Application Scanning, Scan Templates, Results, Asset Management, Troubleshooting, What's Next

Each lecture will be given online at 12:00 - 16:00 UTC+3 Helsinki time. 


The Advanced Plus courses are free of charge and can be attended by any WithSecure Partner. The course requires some technical knowledge on how Vulnerability Management functions, so we recommend completing WithSecure VuM Technical Training (Basic) and possibly WithSecure VuM Technical Training (Advanced) in WithSecure Academy before participating.


Tuomas Miettinen
Technical Sales Enablement Manager

Dominik Sadowczyk
Solution Architect, Vulnerability Management 

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