First Responder training

Date: June 14th 2022
Price: 1000€ per person (GPP discounts apply)

First Responder training - Hands-on training of key personnel to enable them to quickly contain an incident and make effective decisions to reduce the risk associated with an incident and enable a successful response.

Course Description

First responders play a crucial role in managing the early stages of an emerging incident. Attendees will gain knowledge of best practices and how to behave during the first stage of an incident to enable effective response. 

The First Responder Training aims to ensure that key organisation’s personnel are appointed as First Responders to undertake initial containment and evidence preservation activities in an incident scenario before investigators can begin to take action.

WithSecure developed First Responder and Forensics training to impart the required skills to understand the incident response process, evidence handling, preservation, fundamental investigation, and containment. 

First responders play a crucial role in managing the early stages of an emerging incident, bridging the gap between incident identification and the arrival of expert investigators and incident managers. They must take control of an escalated incident, categorize the risk, identify the initial scope, implement containment measures, and preserve data to support further investigation and incident response activities.

What you will learn

• Gain an understanding of the incident response process
• Learn how to handle and preserve evidence
• How to conduct incident investigation and contain the incident


The course will be held on June 14th 2022. The training will be a full-day course and it will be held online. The price of the course is 1000€ per person (GPP partner level discounts apply). 


The course requires familiarity with computer systems and networks. No familiarity with specific WithSecure products is required. 

Pre-register for the training

Pre-register to the course by filling your information on the form and we will contact you. Please note that this course carries a price tag of 1000€ per person (partner level discounts apply). Limited seats available.

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