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What have others asked us?

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How do I safely adopt AI to our operations?

Wherever your organization is on the AI adoption journey, our experts can discuss with you on how to achieve trustworthiness of your AI system.

Pose your most challenging questions to our experts, and they will provide you with their experienced insights and guidance.

How do I keep up with evolving regulations?

Our expert can discuss with you on what is expected from your organization to comply with standards or frameworks like NIS2, DORA, GDPR or ISO27k.

You can pick our experts’ brains on any regulatory question or concerns you may have.

How does the current threat landscape look like?

We continuously monitor and research the threat landscape to share our knowledge with you when needed.

Our experts can give their seasoned view, whether it is about ransomware, new vulnerabilities, hacktivism or any other topical threat.

Are we ready for an incident?

In 2022, data breaches cost an average of $4.35 million per incident. Many organizations, like yours, are looking forward to improving their resilience to cyberattacks.

Our experts are ready to answer questions about threat factors and their techniques, as well as strategy and responsibilities for acting effectively during an incident.

How to approach identity and access management?

Do you have questions on managing user identities, authenticating individuals and authorizing their access to systems, applications and data?

Our experts can discuss with you best practices on identity and access management and guide you of the most typical pitfalls.

How can I assess the security of my cloud environment?

Whether you're just beginning your migration to the cloud or have already embraced it, our experts can answer your questions and provide useful tips for moving forward.

We also receive often questions in most and less known misconfigurations and attack detection in cloud.

Meet some of our brilliant experts

Rania Bemassi

Rania Bemassi

Security and risk management consultant with several years of experience within information security, data protection and IT, project management, ISO 27001 and other frameworks and regulations.

Rania has experience working with large companies in different industries operating both in the public and private sector.  She has a step-by-step approach working with security and strives to be the bridge between the business and IT to achieve a proper level of protection.​

Torbjörn Johansson

Torbjörn Johansson

Senior risk and information security consultant with over 20 years of strategic and technical experience within information security, data protection and IT, managing and leading IT departments, software development teams, projects, change programs, ISO 27001 and other cybersecurity framework implementations.

Torbjörn has broad experience of working with risk and information security as part of regulatory compliance with industry experience from banking, finance, insurance, public sector, pay-tv, business decisioning and credit services.

Aleksi Kallio

Nick Jones

Principal consultant at WithSecure, where he leads the cloud security consulting team. He focuses on AWS security and attack detection in large, complex cloud estates, and working with cloud-native organizations to enable engineering teams to move fast safely and securely.

Nick has presented on these topics at RSA Conference, fwd:cloudsec, T2, Def Con Cloud Village and others, and is an AWS Community Builder.