February 2023


Threat Highlights

Reports indicate that Russian threat actor Callisto and Iranian TA453 are using social engineering to target education, defense, government, non-governmental organizations, think-tanks, politicians, journalists, and activists.

Ransomware: Trends and notable reports

  • ESXiArgs
  • The end of Hive???
  • Alphv attack on Munster
  • Technological University
  • The $10k ransomware manual
  • TV provider Dish experience ransomware attack
  • Newcomers: Nevada
  • Newcomers: Mimic

Other notable highlights in brief

  • GoAnywhere exploitation
  • Zoho ManageEngine exploitation
  • KeePass problems
  • QR code phishing
  • Sh1mmer exploit can unenroll managed Chromebooks
  • IceBreaker target gaming/gambling companies

Threat data highlights

Research highlights