Welcome to the August 2023 Threat Highlight Report!

This month's report covers a range of cybersecurity news, including the exploitation of Ivanti EPMM, ransomware incidents, and notable highlights in brief.

August report covers

  • Monthly highlights
  • Ransomware trends and notable reports
  • Other notable highlights in brief, and threat data highlights
  • Latest news and trends in the cybersecurity industry
  • Newcomers in the ransomware space, such as "Cloak", "Metaencryptor" and "Ransomed"

Here’s a bit more detail:

1. New vulnerabilities in Ivanti products
Several vulnerabilities in Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM), formerly known as MobileIron, that have been identified and exploited by a highly sophisticated threat actor. These vulnerabilities include CVE-2023-35078 and CVE-2023-35081, which allow for arbitrary unauthenticated file writes and can be used to upload and execute files and deploy web shells.

2. Exploitation of WinRAR vulnerabilities
One of two vulnerabilities in WinRAR is already being actively exploited, and the other is likely to be weaponized due to the prevalence of WinRAR.

3. Affiliate campaign installing a malicious "Digital Pulse" proxy
Affiliate campaign that installs a malicious "Digital Pulse" proxy, which can be used to intercept and modify web traffic.

4. Changing hacktivist landscape
Assessment of the changing hacktivist landscape, including the emergence of new groups and the tactics they are using.

5. Ransomware trends and statistics
Ransomware landscape, including statistics from known attacks, and highlights newcomers "Cloak", "Metaencryptor", and "Ransomed".

6. Threat data highlights
Overview of vulnerabilities that have been heavily discussed on social media, as well as VirusTotal trends and other threat data highlights.

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