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We simplify organizations’ lives by scaling, adapting  and responding to the living nature of threat and business landscape intuitively, intelligently, and automatically. 

This is only possible by staying ahead of the cutting-edge of cyber security.

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Project Blackfin is a multi-year research effort aimed at investigating how to apply collective intelligence in the cyber security domain. 

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WithSecure™ Foundry

Discover WithSecure'™ Foundry -- the one-stop for tailormade cyber security products and hardware from design to development & support. IEC 62443 certified.

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Report vulnerabilities found in WithSecure™ products and services.

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Horizon 2020

WithSecure™ is a key partner in SPATIAL  


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WithSecure™ Labs

Welcome to our research and development platorm. Here we dissect industry news and trends, publish research, and share our tools with the security community.


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Threat research

Explore the world of digital security and find out insighs from the cyber threat landscape.

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