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The journey continues, welcome to season 2  

Co-Securing the World is on a mission to discover how good partnership elevates cyber security. In this season, we expand the search for the best minds of cyber security leaders. In their own words, they reveal how the power of collaboration can make co-securing the world a reality.


Have you seen the special episode following Matilda Castren?

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Season 1

S1 E01: Who secures the cloud?

This episode takes us to Oxford in England to meet Richard Vester, who lifts the veil on who takes responsibility for securing the cloud. The conversation explores the finer points of partnership, cycling and cyber security. Santi then leads Richard into revealing some cyber security predictions for the next few years.

Richard Vester is Managing Director, UK & Europe at iOCO.

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S1 E02: How to solve the talent gap?

This episode takes us to Metzingen in Germany where Bernd Länge walks us through the cyber security talent gap. After talking cycling and exploring forest trails, Bernd gets into what he loves about his (un)typical work week in cyber security.  Santi convinces Bernd to divulge a career highlight that still produces a smile.

Bernd Länge is the Head of Infrastructure and Security at AXSOS. 

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S1 E03: What makes a good partner?

This episode takes us to Espoo in Finland to talk about the finer points of collaboration with Lenni Laukkanen. This wide-ranging conversation explores the connections between partnership, leadership and personal growth. Santi digs deeper by finding out how Lenni became a runner.

Lenni Laukkanen is the Vice Executive President at Otaverkko. 

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S1 E04: How to tackle complexity?

This episode takes us to Chicago in the United States to find out how Taso Triantafillos breaks through the complications of cyber security. Taso walks us through why IT environments are complex, the technologies that matter most, and how partnership makes his business stronger. Santi also finds out how this Star Trek fan became a convert to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Taso Triantafillos is the CEO of DefendEdge. 

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S1 Bonus episode: Matilda Castren is hungry for more

In this episode, Santi Fox follows how Matilda and the team around her keep pushing for even bigger wins. 

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Who is Santi Fox

Santi is a Finnish-American creative director, photographer and documentarist, who directed and produced the first series of Co-Securing the World in 2022. He comes to cyber security with a fresh mind enriched by his lifelong obsessions with technology, gadgets and games. 

“We can only co-secure the world through action. Let's put selfish agendas aside and work together for a more secure future.” 

Santi's Instragram:

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Season 2

S2 E01: Cyber security is a team sport

“People working together with different skillsets leads to new innovations, leads to new services that keep our customers secured.”

Bjørg Tomlin, CEO, Upheads.


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