Detect and deal with Denial of Service attacks

Practical steps you can take to address the technological and reputational challenges of Denial of Service attacks



  • 14/07/2023
Andreas Aaris-Larsen

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are a familiar part of the cyber security landscape.They're a challenge for security specialists and business leaders alike.

Over the years, our team has advised hundreds of organizations suffering from DOS attacks. WithSecure alumni Andreas Aaris-Larsen summarized and described the process we use for preparing our clients to withstand DoS attacks from multiple perspectives:

  • How to detect, analyze and prevent attacks,
  • Monitoring services and practices that can be employed for early detection,
  • Approaches to sustain and maintain user experiences,
  • Steps your organization can take now to communicate clearly with employees, customers, the public and partners in the event of an attack.

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