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You may have heard by now that F-Secure for Business is now WithSecure™. And you may be wondering how this affects you.

The quick answer is that it will not affect you very much at all. All F-Secure’s award-winning solutions and services will continue to offer the same protection they always have—however, the solutions and services for organizations will now be provided by WithSecure™. For those who rely on F-Secure—as tens of millions of individuals along with hundreds of service providers have over the course of more than three decades—you can count on the same protection as always.

Still, you may have questions. And we want to make sure you get the answers straight from us.

So here we go.

What happens to my F-Secure TOTAL/SAFE/FREEDOME VPN/ID PROTECTION subscription?

Absolutely nothing. You don’t need to do anything to remain protected by F-Secure.

You can still count on all your F-Secure protection. Please contact our Support team at any time if you have any specific questions related to your protection.

Why did F-Secure change it’s name to WithSecure?

F-Secure will still be F-Secure and F-Secure will still make life easier for the tens of millions of people we protect and our 170 service provider partners. F-Secure for Business is now WithSecure — the strategic partner for businesses that want measurable cyber security outcomes.

Why is this happening?

The threat landscape for organizations has evolved at lightning speed, as digital technology plays an increasingly crucial role in the operation of… just about everything. To help our customers and partners succeed while staying ahead of the latest threats, F-Secure spent the last few years transforming our operations into two businesses—Consumer Security and Corporate Security.

To further strengthen these efforts, we have decided to continue as two separate companies.

This will help both WithSecure™ and F-Secure to serve the specific needs of our customers and partners even better. It will also focus our respective efforts, so we can offer as many organizations and individuals as we can the highest level of security possible. We will do this by accelerating the ways we work and increasing our competitiveness everywhere.

Can I use both F-Secure and WithSecure™?

We hope you do.

WithSecure™ will offer the highest level of cyber security for workplaces and F-Secure will do the same for homes. You should expect this certainty when it comes to cyber security on any device and hopefully you and the organizations you work with will find that with F-Secure and WithSecure™.

Who gets Mikko Hypponen?

Mikko continues his decades-long career with both companies. His official job is Chief Research Officer of WithSecure, but in addition to that, he works as an advisor to F-Secure with the title of Principal Research Advisor.

Where can we follow you?

You can follow F-Secure on TwitterLinkedinFacebook and Instagram for all your individual cyber security needs, insights and information.

You can follow WithSecure™ on TwitterLinkedin and Instagram.

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