March 2023


Threat Highlights

3CX is on fire, White House cyber policy, ChatGPT ads for distributing malware and new ransomware players sneak in. And coming soon: Supply Chain insights.

Ransomware: Trends and notable reports

  • CISAs pre-ransomware notification initiative
  • Dole attack shows real world impact
  • Rise of Royal
  • Nevada is Nokoyawa
  • Magniber’s SmartScreen bypass
  • Ransomware newcomers

Other notable highlights in brief

  • Best practices in cyber
  • Hydrochasma gathering intelligence
  • I2PMiner targeting MacOS
  • Lumma Stealer targets content creators
  • T-Mobile constantly targeted by SIM-swappers
  • Android banking trojan tracker
  • Breach Forums down!
  • Ultrasonic attacks

Threat data highlights

Detection and response highlights