A career as a WithSecure™ consultant

Bring out the best in yourself - and others


We pride ourselves on helping talented, driven people progress into a challenging but rewarding career, regardless of background.

We can proudly boast that we already have industry-leading technical experts within our ranks - are you ready to become one of our next leaders?

Sochima Okoye
Delivery Manager

“I was originally doing a degree completely unrelated to cyber-security but I had an interest and was lucky to be spotted by the Head of Incident Response and given the opportunity to skill up”

We are seeing an ever-increasing number of professionals from many different fields transitioning into this industry for the first time – and we wholeheartedly welcome it. 

So, what connects fields such as computer science, engineering, physics, math, or even pharmacology to cyber-security? Fundamentally, it’s what all of our people are driven by - curiosity and a deep love for problem-solving

Matt Lucas, Security Consultant says
“I’m really interested in how Azure cloud allows attackers to jump from on-premise infrastructure to cloud infrastructure, and that’s something I’ve been spending a lot of my research time on recently”  and Max Benson, Security Consultant says 
“I have recently pivoted towards specialist areas like adversary simulation, and I’ve been fortunate to be funded by the company to pursue my OSEP certification”

WithSecure™ consultants may specialize in, collaborate on, or change focus areas, as is often the case. 

We allow you to grow in whichever direction you feel most passionate about – through research, continuous learning, technical mentoring, training and certifications. 

Joani Green
Global Head of Incident Response

“I really like the idea of solving problems with digital forensics and being able to take the historical data and tell a story from the attacks”

Our consultants work over a vast range of focus areas, from industry mainstays such as Incident Response, Red Team, and Assurance, to newer focus areas like Purple Team, Cloud Attack Detection, and Attack Surface Management.

Whatever it is that inspires you, it can be pursued here – whether it’s in one of our existing focus areas or one you want to pioneer yourself. 

Katie Inns
Security Consultant: Attack Surface Management team

“One of the awesome things about working in Attack Surface Management is that you come across technologies that you’ve never heard of before” Katie Inns – Security Consultant: Attack Surface Management team

We take an open, multi-disciplinary approach to solving whichever cyber security problems our clients are grappling with. We achieve this by using skills and data shared across teams, and often at the bleeding edge of technology.     

Nick Jones
Principal Security Consultant / Cloud Security Lead

“I joined the business as a brand-new junior consultant fresh out of university, with no prior security experience. Since then, I have worked in New York, Singapore, South Africa and other locations worldwide”

We have people who started in junior roles who have - through a combination of their own drive and company support - become leaders in their field. Many have since gone on to contribute to research, conference talks, open-source tooling and participating in community groups. So, wherever you are in your journey, join us and let’s continue it together.