WithSecure™ Supply Chain series

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  • 08/2022
Christine Bejerasco

Former Chief Technology Officer, WithSecure™

WithSecure™ Supply Chain series with CTO Christine Bejerasco


WithSecure’s experts line up to discuss all things supply chain with CTO Christine Bejerasco in this fascinating four-part series. Watch as they discuss the human element, talk trust and visibility, dissect the holistic approach to cybersecurity, and drill down into the complexities of Salesforce protection.

Episode 1 - Stories from the field

Laura Kankaala, Security Consultant, WithSecure™

Christine Bejerasco, is joined by security consultant Laura Kankaala to discuss the importance of trust, why visibility is key for organizations and whether modernization needs to play a critical role in the prevention of attacks. 

Episode 2 – WithSecure™ Intelligence

Paolo Palumbo, VP, WithSecure™ Intelligence

“The risks cannot be reduced, but they can be mitigated.” Join Christine as she asks Paolo Palumbo, With Intelligence’s VP, to explain the virtues of opensource software, why he thinks we need a holistic approach to security and what his team is doing to keep organizations safe. 

Episode 3 – The human element

Erka Koivunen, CISO, WithSecure™

Are humans the problem when it comes to supply chains? Is there any hope left? Christine and WithSecure's CISO Erka Koivunen sit down to discuss the human aspect of cyber security and how your employees can help to ensure a watertight supply chain.

Episode 4 – The CPSF angle 

Dmitriy Viktorov, Head of Product and Technology, CPSF, WithSecure™

“As a cloud platform, Salesforce is really complex.” Christine Bejerasco is joined by Dmitriy Viktorov, Head of Product and Technology, CPSF, WithSecure™, to define how we can keep customers’ data safe and why vendors have a critical role to play in securing the supply chain.


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