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Take your first step towards NIS2 compliance

In January 2023, the NIS2 Directive—a revision of the 2016 NIS Directive—came into force. Our webinar outlines the practical ways our technology and services can help you achieve compliance. NIS2 aims to increase the overall level of cyber security across the EU by making common security practices mandatory. Top management are now responsible for implementing, mitigating, and monitoring cyber security risks. Affected organizations have until 17 October to comply with the new legislation. 

Watch our webinar to understand:

  • What you need to know about NIS2, including who is affected and what the goals are.
  • NIS2’s ten ‘essential requirements’ and the practical steps you can take with our guidance to become compliant.
  • How mid-sized and smaller organizations, even those without a dedicated cyber security team, can meet the new requirements.

About the speaker

MIkko Hypponen illustration

Teemu Myllykangas

Director, Managed Services, WithSecure

Teemu Myllykangas is an eternal optimist, tech aficionado and expert in global product and technology management. For a living Teemu creates growth businesses and striking narratives from the frontlines of cyber security. Teemu has previously worked as an entrepreneur, speaker and event producer both in Finland and abroad. In his free time he focuses on investing, kick boxing and all forms of stage art.


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