Protecting the Supply Chain: we’re all in this together

Let’s work together to build a stronger, safer ecosystem 


In a complex, non-linear and modern supply chain network, one tiny mistake can have disastrous consequences. This whitepaper will give you actionable advice on how to keep your supply chain safe.

As companies and their supply chains become more distributed and more reliant on cloud platforms, cyber attackers will continue to look for weaknesses wherever they find them.

From breaching an employee’s personal laptop to compromising entire code repositories, cyber attackers are always looking for an opportunity. 

By reading 'Protecting the Supply Chain', you will discover:

  • how to avoid the butterfly effect in today’s complex and nonlinear supply chain
  • how to tackle vulnerabilities in your supply chain
  • why threat detection is a must for supply chain security
  • why you need an additional layer of security

“What something like EDR [endpoint detection and response] does is shine a flashlight on potential vectors of attack. It allows you to, as quickly as possible, detect and respond to a supply chain attack. EDR can be the difference between sinking and swimming in an incident scenario because it buys you the time to catch up .” - Jordan LaRose, Director of Consulting and Incident Response, WithSecure

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