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As the threat landscape increases in complexity, organisations are looking at partners to deliver the quality cyber-security technologies, expertise and services needed to grow their business.

WithSecure's Elements portfolio includes the tooling needed to provide total cybersecurity - managed through a single security console. As a WithSecure partner you can expand your business while increasing customer loyalty.

Powered by AI, Elements by WithSecure is a modular cybersecurity portfolio.  We have co-created it with partners to meet customer demands. Elements allows you to differentiate your offering and boost your competitive edge by building flexible, subscription and usage-based cybersecurity services that protect customers while providing you with predictable revenue streams. 

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About Withsecure Elements

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection is the core element you can count on – and forget. Get efficient, proactive protection against known and zero-day ransomware and malware across computers, mobile devices, and servers. Let our threat intelligence powered behavioral and reputational analytics do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

No one is immune to cyber attacks. WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response gives you the accuracy and speed to detect and respond to real threats instead of combating alert fatigue. The solution is armed with instinctive detection capabilities and versatile response actions to empower you to hunt threats efficiently.

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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

WithSecure™ Elements Vulnerability Management

Hackers will take advantage of any security loophole caused by slipups or negligence. You can minimize your attack surface and your risk with relentless vulnerability management. Powerful scanning methods across networks, endpoints, and systems help you identify your organization’s assets, and pinpoint exactly where the most critical loopholes are.

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Collaboration Protection

Collaboration Protection

WithSecure™ Collaboration Protection

You can’t always control what people click. WithSecure™ Elements Collaboration Protection fortifies Microsoft 365's built-in security measures with a powerful security layer to ward-off malicious content and phishing attacks, and to detect account compromises and inbox rule manipulations.

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Elevate to WithSecure™

Elevate to WithSecure™

Elevate to WithSecure™

The sooner you catch the attack, the better. Still, sometimes the situation can be too tricky to handle on your own. When that happens, you are never alone. You get elite threat hunter investigation and response guidance – normally reserved for the most demanding enterprises – as a 24/7 pay-as-you-go service.

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37% standard Gold Partner discount on all WithSecure Elements portfolio solutions

Allows for greater margins and growth in profits.

Discounts of up to 50% off the recommended retail price*

*Applicable to government, education and charity sector organisations.

Deal registration and protected margins

Speak to your designated Channel Manager regarding the specifics of your deal and its requirements. 

Fully partner managed options available

UK partners have achieved revenue increases of up to 100% when including additional services such as incident response for their clients.


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