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What's the platform about?

AT&T Cybersecurity’s USM Anywhere is a cloud-native open XDR platform that provides everything customers need to detect and respond to cyber threats. USM Anywhere combines SIEM, network inventory, vulnerability scanning, and response in one powerful platform.

A full suite of threat intelligence from AT&T’s Alien Labs team is also included with the platform, along with integration into OTX, a leading threat intelligence sharing platform, and the latest AI models for surfacing advanced threat actors. USM Anywhere also powers AT&T’s Managed Threat Detection and Response service.

How AT&T Cybersecurity integrates

USM makes it easy to collect data from any source with a wide range of integrations, and then quickly react to detected security events with a wide range of security integrations with our third party partners. USM Anywhere includes a “Custom Alien App” connector that enables customers to quickly configure USM Anywhere to collect logs from the WithSecure service. In just a few clicks, WithSecure Elements EPP and EDR logs will flow into the SIEM and customers will begin to be alerted to any detected security problems.

What AT&T Cybersecurity integrates with

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response solution provides enhanced detection capabilities and security against cyber attacks and data breaches.

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WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Protection

Secure your business with our advanced endpoint protection. Trusted by top enterprises, our solutions safeguard against the latest cyber threats. Elevate your security now!

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WithSecure Elements Mobile Protection

WithSecure™ Elements Mobile Endpoint Protection offers full-coverage mobile security allowing you to  keep your business-critical data safe from breaches.

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