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Work with industry-recognized consultants to solve your most challenging and complex cyber security challenges, manage risk, and transform your organization.



WithSecure™ Consulting services help organizations understand their cyber risk exposure, build genuine cyber security resilience, and deliver real-word security outcomes.

We harness the industry’s best security minds, as well as leverage technology, so you can address emerging threats, pursue your business strategies confidently, and benefit from adopting new technologies sooner and more safely. Address risk, build for the future, detect and respond to attacks, and put security at the helm of your organization.

Core Services & Solutions

One size does not fit all. Our approach to cyber security consulting gives you a unique opportunity to engage with a trusted partner in an open forum. We will work with you, your team, and other key business stakeholders to understand the challenges you’re facing and the business outcomes you need to achieve.

Security Strategy

WithSecure™ cyber security experts assess the cyber risks your organisation faces and develop cyber security solutions that align with your business goals.

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Application Security

WithSecure™ offers application security testing to identify and address security weaknesses in a range of applications based on the attacker goals.

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Network Security

WithSecure's™ assesses the opportunities that would enable attacks against critical assets and applications and offers network security solutions.

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Cloud Security

WithSecure™ offers pioneering cloud security, protection, and cloud vulnerability management services through our expert cyber security consultants.

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Security training

Our training courses and CTF events are a mix of academic theory and hands-on exercises to help you develop a modern, tactical cyber security skill-set.

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Generative AI Security

Are you planning or developing GenAI-powered solutions, or already deploying these integrations or custom solutions? We can help you identify and address potential cyber risks every step of the way.

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WithSecure™ Consulting key benefits

WithSecure’s Consulting offering has a rich pedigree, stretching back to 1988. Our multi-disciplinary team works with some of the world’s largest and economically critical organizations, giving us the acumen to deliver enterprise-level business outcomes. 

Address cyber risk

Understand and manage your cyber risk profile with a tailored security strategy.

Protect your business

Solve most complex cyber security challenges and champion security as enabler throughout your organization.

Stay ahead

Enrich business decisions with bespoke cyber security insights and keep your organization ready for industry transformation. 

Our capability

Our heritage is important. The amalgamation of 4 prestigious cyber security consultancies, decades of real-world expertise, and countless specialisms make our offering what it is today. We are known across the cyber security community, and to our clients and the organizations seeking to work with us, as a partner that can be trusted.

Who we are

Our security consultants are industry-recognized specialists who have had years of stringent training and real-world experience. They are mentors to their peers, published authors, renowned speakers, and developers, whose tools are used across the security community. Our reach is global, with over 200 consultants based in Europe, North America, and Asia, including offensive security testers, security researchers, incident responders, security analysts, threat hunters, security architects, and software engineers.

How we solve problems

Building mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships is central to our methodology as much as our value system. To have a meaningful impact on our clients’ businesses, we take an independent view of security, always seeking the optimal solution based on their unique requirements. We are solution- and tech-agnostic and only offer consulting to the organizations and individuals we are certain can benefit from our help.

What we offer

WithSecure’s diverse consulting offering allows us to address our clients’ cyber security problems at different levels, offering both ready-made and bespoke solutions.

Typical engagement levels include:


Working alongside senior, C-Level personnel to design and execute programmes of work with the objective of tackling business-level issues with long-term impacts


Optimizing security operations and programs of work to deliver better security outcomes with the resources available to the organization.


Improving the security skills, knowledge, processes, and use of technology by security operators on the frontline, defending the organization.

How WithSecure™ Consulting can help?

WithSecure™ Consulting specializes in working with organizations that face material cyber risks, either because of the importance of the services they provide, or because technology adoption and development is central to their growth strategies. This high-caliber work puts us on the frontline of the world’s most pressing cyber security issues and biggest threats to society.


A multi-disciplinary, heavily trained, solution- and tech-agnostic team, carrying nearly 20 years’ experience working with the world’s biggest organizations and most critical sectors.

State-level validation

Close relationships with government bodies such as the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), plus CREST-certification for CIR and CSIR.


Skilled, industry-recognized cyber security consultants, including event speakers, published authors, and respected thought leaders. Our consultants present globally at Black Hat, Blue Hat, 44CON, and more.

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