Business Suite 16: Client Security, Server Security, Policy Manager

Release to manufacturing

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We have now released the following new products for Business Suite 16

  • WithSecure Policy Manager 16.00
  • WithSecure Policy Manager for Linux 16.00
  • WithSecure Policy Manager Proxy 16.00
  • WithSecure Policy Manager Proxy for Linux 16.00
  • WithSecure Client Security 16.00
  • WithSecure Client Security Premium 16.00
  • WithSecure Server Security 16.00
  • WithSecure Server Security Premium 16.00

These releases bring the following functionality:

  • WithSecure product branding
  • Policy Manager 16 can support both the new 16.00 clients, and the legacy 15.x clients
  • Ultimate mode – managed clients without direct internet connection are now able to proxy Karma lookups through the connected Policy Manager.
  • EOLed products notification – if used version of the client software has reached the end-of-life, admin will get the corresponding warning in the Policy Manager Console.

These products are available via the WithSecure Download Center

For security reasons, we recommend that you always upgrade to the latest product versions.



  • 2023-09-29