January 2023


Threat Highlights

Report discusses the GoTo breach, the resurgence of Emotet, the prevalence of malware being distributed via Google search results, and malware designed to target Apple devices throughout 2022.

Monthly highlights

  • GoTo (LogMeIn) breach
  • The rise of Emotet (again)
  • SEO poisoning at an all-time high
  • Mac malware of 2022

Ransomware: Trends and notable reports

  • Royal Mail hit by LockBit... affiliate
  • A history of LockBit
  • BianLian decryptor and shift to I2P
  • Newcomers: CatB
  • An interview with Mallox

Other notable highlights in brief

  • Nordic common cybersecurity strategy
  • Cellebrite & MSAB XRY data leaked
  • OWASSRF, a technical write-up
  • Breach of Slack
  • Poland warns of Russian cyber attacks
  • Denmark struck by Russian hacktivist DDoS
  • Freejacking
  • SugarCRM actively exploited
  • Kela report on cybercrime in 2022

Threat data highlights