What does WithSecure do?

WithSecure is a European cyber security company serving the global B2B market.

Customers include IT service providers, MSSPs and businesses, large financial institutions, manufacturers, and thousands of the world’s most advanced communications and technology providers.

We offer Endpoint Detection and Response, Exposure management, Collaboration protection and Cloud management. WithSecure puts a huge emphasis on good partnerships with the companies and organizations we work with.

While WithSecure as a company is relatively new, it was formerly the business unit of F-Secure. The two companies demerged in 2022 to put a higher strategic focus on serving the B2C and B2B markets separately. This means that WithSecure is strongly connected to a rich history of cybersecurity innovation and experience in protecting customers. 


WithSecure products and services include


Cyber Security Platform - Elements

A cloud-based security platform that protects against malware, ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and more. It includes Endpoint protection, Endpoint detection and response, Vulnerability management, Collaboration protection, and Cloud protection.

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Managed services

For attack surface, cloud security posture, and Countercept managed detection and response. 

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Incident Readiness and Response

It's a range of services that help organizations prepare for and handle cyber security incidents, reduce their impact and cost, and improve their resilience and trust.

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Security training and consultation

It's a range of services that help organizations learn and enhance their cyber security abilities, competencies, and plans, by offering courses led by experts, practical exercises, customized projects, and guidance from top professionals in the industry.

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Security hardware for devices

It's a range of innovative devices that offer data protection, trusted execution, and secure communication, by leveraging open source hardware design, hardened firmware, and minimal attack surface.

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