Securing Salesforce in 2023

With all the various options for Salesforce security, where should you focus?


We conducted global survey to ask thousands of IT-professionals how they deal with cloud application security.

This report provides you with fresh data from global market survey, detection data from WithSecure Security Cloud and insights from Salesforce security experts that can inform your Salesforce security strategy for 2023 and beyond. We believe it’s a matter of when, not if, Salesforce becomes a major target for cyber criminals.

Every Salesforce admin and security manager will benefit from this practical advice on where to focus your security resources in 2023 to better manage your Salesforce environment security. 

Download our latest research to discover:

  • The biggest security concerns among IT professionals and Salesforce administrators 
  • The threat posed by misconfigurations and unmonitored assets
  • The rise of malicious files and URLs in Salesforce 
  • Finding the right security controls for your Salesforce environment
  • Our top recommendations for securing Salesforce in 2023


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