Product Consulting and Training

Product consulting and training services to support deployment, upgrades, and management of your WithSecure products and services.

Tailored product projects based on your business needs.

WithSecure™ product experts offer consulting projects in deployment, upgrade and management as well as technical training aimed to get the best possible value and protection out of your WithSecure products and services.

With this service, you get access to ongoing advice from someone who understands your business environment and can help with all support-related issues and escalations involving your WithSecure environment.

A unique approach

Each project is separately scoped and tailored based on your business needs. 

  • On-call services during upgrades and changes in your environment, or remote connection to assist with configurations, settings and management
  • Quarterly health checks and annual updates performed on your behalf
  • Customized training sessions about our products and services for your IT organization

Your benefits



Assistance with upgrades and configurations



Optimize your WithSecure environment



Tailored products advice based on your needs

Discovery - a lit sparkler

Being able to combine extensive knowledge of WithSecure products and services, with the experience of working with various types of businesses, is a unique advantage Product Consulting and Training can offer you. Let’s works together to make the most of your WithSecure service.


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