WithSecure™ Virtual Security

Uncompromized virtual security with optimal performance

Comprehensive and affordable security for virtual environments

WithSecure's Virtual Security solution is designed to protect the modern business culture's need for mixed environments.

It protects both public and private cloud solutions, as well as virtual servers and virtual desktops (VDI). It offers support for the most common virtual environments. WithSecure™ Atlant for Offload Scanning Server is a scanning and reputation server to offload scanning to optimize performance and security

Why WithSecure Virtual Security?

Security challenges

Specially designed to tackle security challenges in virtual environments


Scanning offload in virtualized environments.


Proactive, behavior-based protection against malware, exploits, phishing, and network-based attacks

Your benefits

WithSecure Virtual Security offers the best protection level for purely virtual, mixed, and hybrid environments. It optimizes performance in virtual environments by offloading scanning to a separate, dedicated server.

Virtual Security allows you to optimize the use of resources in WithSecure products (Client Security and Client Security Premium, and Server Protection) by offloading performance-intensive scanning tasks.

The Virtual Security solution offers easy deployment with preconfigured virtual appliances and one-time installation on virtual machine templates.



Reduces complecity



Offloads CPU-intensive scanning operations to a dedicated server to improve performance.



Reduced memory, CPU, and disk space consumption on virtual machines.


Pricing model

A simple pricing model and affordable total cost as one package serves both virtual and physical environments.

Product features

Real-time protection

Secure file and web content on virtual machines

Multi-layered protection

Provides advanced behavioral analysis, web content control, browsing protection, and automated software updates

WithSecure™ Atlant for Offload Scanning Server

Optimized performance for desktops and servers in virtual environments

One Management console

Manage endpoints and servers in both physical and virtual environments

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Product details

WithSecure™ Atlant for Offload Scanning Server

No more compromise between performance and security

WithSecure™ Atlant for Offload Scanning Server allows you to offload CPU-intensive scanning operations to a dedicated server and reduce CPU and memory consumption on virtual machines.

  • Offloads malware scanning and content reputation checking to minimize the performance impact
  • Performs file reputation analysis, signature-based scanning, compound object scanning, and web content scanning
  • Easy deployment with virtual appliances for VMware’s virtualization platform
Multi-Layered Protection

Advanced security features for mixed and virtual environments

The lightweight agent installed in clients and servers provides an additional layer of security on top of WithSecure™ Atlant for Offload Scanning Server.

  • Provides advanced behavioral analysis, web content control, browsing protection, and automatic software updates
  • Consumes less resources compared to full agent installation to optimize performance in virtual environments

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