WithSecure™ Co-Monitoring Service launched

WithSecure™ Co-Monitoring Service launched

The new WithSecure™ Co-Monitoring Service allows customers without a “round the clock” security team to deploy Elements Endpoint Detection and Response, safe in the knowledge that WithSecure is working with them, covering for them during the whole 24 hours of the day.

Cyber threats don't keep office hours, and if you have a gap in your investigation, validation and remediation capabilities, WithSecure™ Co-Monitoring helps. Our Detection and Response Team will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, helping co-secure your estate.

Some of the highlights of WithSecure Co-Monitoring Service:

  • 24/7 monitoring. Maintains a constant watch over severe risk detections in your IT environments, ensuring complete visibility and protection.
  • Threat investigation. Validate and investigate detections to establish if they are true positives that require immediate action to avoid an incident, or false positives which can be closed.
  • Incident escalation. Ensure that incidents are escalated in a timely fashion to the correct customer representative(s) with the authority and ability to respond.
  • Guidance and response. Pragmatic, expert advice on how to contain and remediate each incident - for example, recommending network isolation of the affected systems or termination of malicious processes.



  • 2023-10-04