Events are a platform for us to share our research and latest thinking.

Upcoming events


30 Aug 2022

9am SGT – 5pm SGT


OWASP Global AppSec APAC 2022 Conference

Training: How to Find Vulnerabilities in Android Apps – Developer Edition, delivered by Sven Schleier

Vulnerabilities can be manifold and everywhere, in your repo, in your APK or when using the app. This workshop will guide you on how to start embedding methodologies and open-source security tools into your SDLC to catch the "low-hanging fruit" early and have continuous security scans in your pipeline.


27 Aug 2022 -
28 Aug 2022

Fairmont, Chicago

BlueTeam Con

Breaking boundaries, securing perimeters: A pragmatic approach to Attack Surface Management, presented by Katie Inns 

Security teams can often become overwhelmed by large lists of vulnerabilities that affect their systems; it is hard to know which to prioritize first when it comes to remediation. This can lead to ineffective vulnerability management processes that focus on addressing issues from a top-down approach and do not reflect real-world exploitation or the risk to the organization. This becomes more problematic when organizations don’t fully understand their attack surface and their systems that may be at risk.

This talk will discuss how organizations can adopt a more pragmatic approach to attack surface management by understanding the assets at risk, how to prioritize remediation, and how to adapt based on emerging threats.

Find out more about the event here.


01 Sep 2022 -
01 Sep 2022

4:00 PM EEST | 3:00 PM CET | 2:00 PM BST | 9:00 AM ET


Is securing the Supply Chain all about Cyber?

Protecting - and being protected by - your customers and suppliers is of paramount importance. Lately, supply chain cyber attacks have made headlines. This webinar will look at practical, concrete actions you can take to defend your organization - as well as your supply chain partners - from cyber compromise.


08 Sep 2022 -
08 Sep 2022

4:00 PM EEST | 3:00 PM CET | 2:00 PM BST | 9:00 AM ET


How to tackle vulnerabilities in your supply chain?

The next major cyber attack is imminent, but what will it look like and where could it come from? Join our webinar to discover what we have learned from previous attacks such as Log4j, the ways in which we can prevent future attacks from happening, and how WithSecure Intelligence its playing its part in creating a safer supply chain.


15 Sep 2022 -
15 Sep 2022

3:00 PM EEST | 2:00 PM CET | 1:00 PM BST | 8:00 AM ET


Lessons from real-life: Securing your Salesforce third party integrations

Digital supply chain threats are high on the security agenda in 2022 and based on Salesforce research “third-party security management” is a top concern for IT-leaders this year.


20 Sep 2022 -
22 Sep 2022


Dreamforce 2022

This is Dreamforce’s 20th anniversary, and we couldn’t miss the party. WithSecure is exhibiting for the first time and we’re proud to be a groundbreaker sponsor of the event. Join us at booth 827 as we conduct hourly presentations on upcoming cyber threats and how to secure the Salesforce Cloud.


14 Nov 2022 -
17 Nov 2022


Vienna and hybrid

DeepSec, Mobile Security Testing Guide Hands-On (Hybrid edition)

This course, delivered by Sven Schleier, teaches you how to analyze Android and iOS apps for security vulnerabilities by going through the different phases of testing, including dynamic testing, static analysis and reverse engineering. Sven will share his experience and many small tips and tricks to attack mobile apps that he has collected throughout his career and bug-hunting adventures.

Past events


25 Jul 2022

11:30 – 11:50 (EST)



Nick Jones and Mohit Gupta present ‘Dismantling the Beast: Formally Proving Access at Scale in AWS’. 

WithSecure’s Nick Jones and Mohit Gupta will be presenting their talk ‘Dismantling the Beast: Formally proving access at scale in AWS’ at this year’s fwd:cloudsec. Tickets for the event are now sold out, but recordings of the talk will be uploaded to YouTube after the event. 

At fwd:cloudsec you can expect discussions about all the major cloud platforms, both attack and defense research, the limitations of security features, the pros and cons of different security strategies, and much more.

Hybrid event

01 Jun 2022 -
02 Jun 2022


Online / Physical

SPHERE22 – The Co-security Unconference in Helsinki

Courageous business leaders, trailblazers, and makers came together not only to co-secure but to co-create and co-innovate.


19 May 2022

09:00 – 19:00 BST

County Hall, London, United Kingdom

The Briefing, London

The purpose of this event was to provide:

  • Technical and business-related insights
  • Practical ‘how-to-tips’
  • Guidance from cyber-security experts
  • The opportunity to network with peers and discuss the latest industry trends with our consultants

WithSecure™ Cloud Webinar Series

19 May 2022

4:00 PM EEST


The benefits of moving security management to the cloud

Watch the recording to learn more about managing your security from the cloud using WithSecure™ Elements:

  • A single portal in the cloud for improved visibility
  • Enabled capabilities as required
  • Cutting-edge defense without the updates
  • Expert help at hand
  • Pay as you use services
  • Less focus on maintenance - more focus on security
  • Benefits from cloud-based automation and scalability

WithSecure™ Cloud Webinar Series

12 May 2022

4:00 PM EEST


How to detect, identify and successfully respond to common cloud attacks

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Common cloud challenges from a detection and response perspective, and how to successfully tackle them
  • How to identify, investigate and mitigate common intrusion types
  • Effective prevention and detection tips that can be tailored specifically to your organization’s cloud security needs
  • Solutions for optimizing cloud visibility for enhanced security and beyond
  • How WithSecure’s Incident Response team conducts detection and response work in the cloud for effective results
  • Evolving techniques for you and your organization to maintain resilience as you adopt new ways of working.


22 Mar 2022



The Launch of WithSecure™

The new era of co-security is here. During this unique online event, you’ll get new insights and all the latest news about the world-class service you’ve come to expect from WithSecure™.