Discover and act on your digital exposures before cyber criminals do!


The shift from reactive to proactive cybersecurity has long been a priority for security professionals, but a satisfactory solution has never been available.

However, that landscape is changing with the rise of intelligent Threat Exposure Management technologies and momentum-gathering innovations. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2026, 40% of organizations will have already adopted intelligent and continuous Threat Exposure Management technologies.

Why and why now?

Rapid expansion of the digital attack surface

Due to the growing dependency on technological advancements, decentralization, and interconnected supply chains, an organization’s digital attack surface is expanding and becoming more complex. Digital exposures and vulnerabilities are on the rise and need to be effectively and continuously managed before they are exposed to cyber adversaries.

Lack of expertise and resources

We know there will never be enough resources in any organization to meet the increasing demand of cyber security and compliance requirements. We also realize that proactive prevention requires fewer resources. Intelligent Exposure Management is designed for managed co-security operations and will help organizations effectively fill their talent and resource gaps.

The industrialization of cyber crime

The third reason behind the growing demand for intelligent exposure management lies in the escalating sophistication of cyber criminals. They can find an organization’s vulnerabilities and digital exposures more effectively by simply leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and automation. Getting unexposed and proactively preventing attacks is fast becoming priority #1.

A new imperative for mid-market businesses and the partners they trust


Exposure Management brings value and makes every progressive, digitally-driven, and highly-interconnected organization safer. It also represents a new imperative for overwhelmed, under-resourced, and underserved middle-sized businesses – as well as the IT/Cyber security service providers serving them. Are you prepared for the demand?

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The core value of WithSecure Elements Exposure Management

Our intelligent Exposure Management empowers security operation teams, offering 360° visibility across their digital estate and the ability to constantly discover digital exposures and simulated attack paths before cyber criminals do.

Get remediation instructions action across all exposure types, focusing on the top priority findings for your business. This ensures you can either act immediately using AI-powered recommendations or seek assistance through our WithSecure Elevate service.

This capability offers a minimum effective way to proactively prevent cyber-attacks, helping you stay compliant and resilient across your digital environment.

It’s a process, not just a product!

Design and configure


SET the business outcomes to be protected, as well as exposure score targets, thresholds, and the criticality of your assets

Operate and optimize


DISCOVER digital exposures across devices, cloud infra and services, identities, networks, and your external (web) attack surface.


PRIORITIZE discovered exposures and get recommended next steps powered by AI models based on business context, attack path simulations, and dynamic threat intelligence.


ACT effectively on recommendations or, in demanding situations,  elevate them to our WithSecure experts.


REPEAT the process automatically by constantly maintaining an optimal exposure score, while adjusting to changes across your threat landscape. Fix only the things that matter most, saving time and resources..

"WithSecure Exposure Management offers a winning solution that users love and cyber adversaries hate."

Loaded with unique value


One solution for 360° visibility

One solution for 360° digital exposure management and visibility across your external attack surface and internal posture, which proactively prevents cyber attacks.


Optimized for minimum effective security

Utilize AI for prioritization and recommendations on the next best actions to remediate issues with less effort - whether by yourself or through elevation.


Designed with the needs of mid-sized businesses in mind

Simplicity, adaptability, and scalability ensure a seamless journey and a frictionless experience - from purchase and deployment to utilization and expansion.


Multi-tenancy and Co-security operations

Comes with multi-tenancy functionality for the admins and operations teams responsible for multiple organizations. It allows for co-security operations and role-based sharing of workloads between customers, service providers, and WithSecure teams.


Easy expansion and connection

Easy expansion and connection with other WithSecure Elements Cloud capabilities.


Helps you stay compliant

Helps you stay compliant with NIS2, GDPR, DORA, ENISA.

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  • By joining our Early Access program, you can take an early dive into Exposure Management and explore its features first-hand.
  • You'll ramp up services sooner and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Plus, have your voice heard! You can Influence the features and upgrades that matter most on our roadmap.
  • WithSecure Elevate is provided at no extra cost.

By aligning with the latest trends and best practices in threat exposure management, you can

  • Meet the growing demand for exposure management
  • Enhance your value proposition
  • Strengthen your position as a trusted advisor to your customers

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More about Exposure Management


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