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Welcome to the evolution of WithSecure Elements in Q4

The year 2023 has come to an end but our Elements portfolio has kept on developing. Among these new enhancements is the capability of Elements Vulnerability Management to tap into dynamic threat intelligence trends. Moreover, our MFA improvements make your Elements use more secure than ever before, and the unified Elements Security Center user experience for EPP and EDR will make the management of cyber security a breeze.

In this quarter we highlight:

  • Dynamic threat intelligence as part of Elements Vulnerability Management
  • New MFA options for Elements
  • The integrated UX for Elements EPP and EDR
  • WithSecure Sustainability UX Study Report


Tap into dynamic threat intelligence trends through our enhancements for Elements Vulnerability Management

Every device or asset can pose a risk to your organization, and Elements Vulnerability Management (EVM) is designed to help you manage those.

The Asset Risk value helps you identify which of your assets pose the highest risk in your company environment. This value can be used to prioritize the remediation of detected vulnerabilities, based on their potential impact. However, the probability of having exploitable vulnerabilities affecting an asset can also change over time.

For instance, a vulnerable asset may become more at risk, if there are active exploits against its vulnerabilities. By using Threat Intelligence data gathered by WithSecure, we can present the current threat level with the most up to date information.   

Raising the bar: Make it more difficult for criminals to use your accounts

WithSecure Elements has had support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for a long time already, and we have recently added extra options for it. However, we sometimes hear the question “but WHY should we use it?”. In this article, we explain some of the risks related to user accounts and why using Multi-Factor Authentication is a good idea. We also explore how MFA can be used for Elements.

Evolution of Elements – Making Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response work together more fluidly

Future updates will bring other parts of Elements, such as Vulnerability Management, Collaboration Protection, and Cloud Security Posture Management, to the same unified experience. 

We are very happy to announce that these first changes will be made visible in the Elements Security Center on 30th January 2024

As you may have seen from our recent Elements Quarterly infoshare, we are currently making some changes to the Elements Security Center. These changes will simplify our customers’ lives when managing their security portfolio via the Elements Security Center. 

Combining EPP and EDR is just one step on the path to the unified Elements Security Center user experience.


Now Available: WithSecure Sustainability UX Study Report

Many of us are very conscious about the impact we have on the environment, in everything we do as we go about our days.

WithSecure is aware that there is an energy impact of using software to protect our customers from attacks, and that everything we do uses resources. One thing that we can do is to enable our users in making informed choices when configuring the Elements products.

During 2023 we surveyed our customers to understand how their organization approaches environmental topics, and related dilemmas. We will use the feedback from this survey to make our customers even more awareof the energy usage impact that our products have.


Review our Elements EPP via SoftwareReviews

Your opinion is important to us! Please take a moment to write a review on SoftwareReviews about your experience with Elements Endpoint Protection. The review can be given anonymously, and should take no longer than 5-6 minutes to complete. As a thank you for your approved review that meets the quality standards of the review platform, the first ~90 respondents will receive a $20-25 Amazon gift card from SoftwareReviews. Alternatively, you can donate the entire gift card sum to charity.

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WithSecure™ Elements

WithSecure™ Elements is a unified cloud-based cyber security platform offering protection against Malware, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and more.

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