Operational Technology

Securing operational technology (OT) requires unique solutions and the knowledge of specialist cyber security technicians or consultants.


Specialized penetration testing of OT environments is necessary to be safe and resilient.

Cyber security must be approached with the expectation that bespoke testing techniques and approaches, specific to your risk appetite, will be required as standard. Converge operational technology and cyber security to protect your critical operations from widespread disruption and assure human and process safety.

What can you achieve?

Understand your attack surface

Uncover and obtain actionable information for vulnerability management in your Operational Technology environment.

Contextualize your security

Build defenses against the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPS) used by attackers against OT.

Build resilience

Strengthen your Operational Technology architecture through defense-in-depth strategies.

Manage and reduce risk

Align OT-specific security risks with broader security management practices and IT implementation.

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Our approach


Digital transformation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) adoption, and increasing global interconnectivity are providing new ways for attackers to target organizations via their operational technology. In response, our OT security team comes with fresh solutions influenced by its direct experience of building, developing, and commissioning operational technology systems. 

We work across regulated and non-regulated industries in the private sector, as well as with public institutions, applying our individual skill sets to help clients achieve their specific desired data security outcomes. This broad exposure helps us efficiently identify the main areas and systems of focus during assessment and deliver work that adheres to strict safety standards.

OT environments are made up of highly sensitive systems, often blending modern connected technology with legacy technologies that were not built for today’s level of connectivity. Our consultants ensure that environments are tested and secured to the highest standard without causing operational disruption. Projects are scoped in a bespoke way around the facility or risk area of interest and according to your risk appetite.

Services & solutions
  •  Threat risk assessment
  • Operational Technology systems criticality mapping
  • Operational Technology cyber security assessment
  • Operational Technology standards compliance and implementation (e.g., ISA/IEC62443)
  • Cyber security factory acceptance testing (CFAT)
  • Cyber security site acceptance testing (CSAT)
  • Assistance in systems build and architecture design
  • Systems configuration review
  • Hardware security assessment

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How WithSecure™ can help.

Work with specialist consultants who cut their teeth as engineers designing, building, and maintaining Operational Technology to achieve the cyber outcomes your business needs.



Proficiency to deliver targeted assessments that align with specific cyber security and safety standards.



Assurance that the assessment of sensitive systems will not expose the business to operational risk.



A jargon-free approach and recommendations designed to tangibly uplift your cyber security posture.



An attacker mindset that keeps the security of your Operational Technology ahead of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

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