Secure Cloud Transformation

Being an early adopter of new technologies comes with risks as well as rewards. 


Receive cyber security advice on all aspects of your transformation program, from design through to implementation.

Understand and address the cyber risks associated with business transformation up front, embedding cyber security measures early to avoid time-consuming fixes.

What can you achieve?

Prepare for the future

Anticipate how digital and business transformation will affect cyber risk exposure.

Verify the security of investments

Stress test new technology components to discover vulnerabilities.

Optimize digital transformation budgets

Prioritize investment in activities that most effectively reduce cyber risk.

Securely merge old and new

Integrate new technologies into business-as-usual security operations.

Book a Complimentary 60-Minute Cybersecurity Clinic with our frontline experts.

You can look forward to an engaging online session where you'll have the chance to discuss and delve into topic you have chosen with our expert.

Our approach


Organizations that embrace innovative new technologies and ways of working can improve their performance and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Doing so without introducing new, unidentified cyber risks requires a specific skill set and approach, tailored to identifying unknown-unknowns and to designing mitigations. These can both enable secure business transformation, even when investments are less understood and unproven from a security perspective.

We consult organizations on secure digital and business transformation globally, tying our services to the specific scope of your transformation program. This could include the use of our existing capabilities, delivery of bespoke technology-specific consultancy, or carrying out specific research.

Services & solutions
  • Security consulting for digital transformation programs
  • Threat modelling
  • Purple teaming
  • Red teaming
  • Attack Path Mapping
  • Cloud security consulting
  • Product security
  • Research projects
  • Secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC) consulting

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How WithSecure™ can help.

As product engineers, software developers, researchers, and cloud specialists, we understand how things work from the inside out. This technical maturity has helped us support transformation in some of the world’s largest and most critical organizations.



Hundreds of digital transformation projects delivered globally.


Experts and advisors

A dedicated team with knowledge derived from enterprise-scale projects.



The skills to develop bespoke, innovative approaches to suit your program’s needs.



Specialist knowledge, spanning many industries, technologies, and business-critical systems.



Research-backed thinking that keeps our approach current, competitive, and threat-relevant.

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