Technical Service Management

Get the expertise of a dedicated contact who proactively manages the technical needs of your WithSecure environment.

Dedicated to your business.

A Technical Service Manager is an expert assigned to your organization who acts as your advocate at WithSecure.

With this service, you get access to ongoing advice from someone who understands your business environment and can help with all support-related issues and escalations involving your WithSecure environment.

A powerful service

Your Technical Service Manager provides up-to-date information about service usage and support experience, as well as insight into upcoming product releases that matter to your organization. Regular meetings and yearly business reviews ensure you stay up to date, making your WithSecure deployment decisions easier and more accurate.

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Your benefits



Get ongoing advice in managing your WithSecure environment.



Dedicated product expert focusing on your support needs.


Up-to-date information

Stay up-to-date with upgrades and new products.

What our service includes?

Single point of contact

Advocate at WithSecure for your IT organization

Follow up your cases

Follow up on support cases you have escalated

Product optimization

Help and advice with solution implementation and set up

Timely response

Priority access to our experienced technical support

Smooth upgrades

Support during upgrades

Technical advisory and sonsulting

Solution assessments, recommendations and consulting

System monitoring

Follow up on support cases you have escalated 

Up-to-date product information

Yearly business review and roadmap sessions



Being able to combine extensive knowledge of WithSecure products and services, with the experience of working with various types of businesses, is a unique advantage Technical Service Managers can offer you. Let’s works together to make the most of your WithSecure service.


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